Michael’s Salt Lake City Adventure

This 8th grade student used his iPhone to make this short film.

Michael’s Salt Lake City Adventure

Intrepid Reporter Anna Interviews Women Scientists

This 7th grade student shows off her interviewing techniques.

Intrepid Reporter Anna Interviews Women Scientists

Experience of Being a SoTRE

This video was produced by an 8th grade student attending the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City in February 2012.

Experience of Being a SoTRE

The Rise of the “How-To” Video

This article discusses the recent rise in the use of “How-To” videos – with an emphasis on tech start-up companies, but there are parallels to be drawn with the use of “explainer” videos of any sort – including yours –  “How To Be A Scientist”! Read the article

Photosynthesis Animation

Scientist Samuel Hammer made this very popular short and simple animation to explain photosynthesis.

The 3-Minute Solution: Creating Short Effective Videos

This presentation describes how scientists can use tools they already own to make short, effective videos about their research. Based on a presentation given at the 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting.

How To Make A 3-Minute Science Video

Made entirely on an iPad2, this is a 3-minute video explaining the necessary steps for making a 3-minute video.

Meet A Science Communicator

This short video, shot and edited completely on an iPad2, describes the work of a science communicator. An example of the effectiveness of short videos you can make yourself.

Video Making in the Cloud

Have you seen WeVideo? WeVideo is an online platform for collaborative video production in the cloud. They connect your web editing and your mobile device camera – and enable you to tell your stories together with your network and colleagues. Any browser works, and all your files and edits are safely stored and accessible online. Check out WeVideo

Make A Video About Your Research!

Did you know…that you have the potential to connect with the public through a
self-made video about you and your research? A video that will be engaging and accessible to non-scientific audiences? One that you can make by yourself in just a few
days, with equipment you already own? If you are looking for ways to communicate with the public about your research, making short, engaging videos can be your answer!